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Words fail us when we look at a masterpiece, so we have to settle for numbers: over 24 meters long and 5.50 meters wide, with a weight of 56.3 tons that move at the fantastic speed of 45 knots with a 300-mile range. All this while being able to calmly chat in a normal tone of voice because the noise levels have been calculated at 70 dBA. Here is another prestigious statistic: three World Yacht Trophies that heralded its debut at the Festival de La Plaisance in Cannes. So you will understand why this fabulous 82-footer (heir to the P80) has been called "the missile disguised as a yacht." Setting aside its missile-like turn of speed, let us cite its comfort and other qualities: the sundeck that can be reached with the retractable carbon-fiber stairway, the famous folding and retractable French door that separates the cockpit and lounge, and the luxurious and high-end interiors furnished by Poltrona Frau. Power, comfort and performance are further reflected in the full-speed manoeuvring, which thanks to the Autotrim system is executed without losing a single knot of speed. The excitement turns into pure adrenaline when experienced in the master cabin, where the maxi open-view window ends up underwater due to the heel of the boat, offering you the thrill of a supersonic voyage through the waves. Going back to the numbers, the P82 has only one drawback: sooner or later you will have to disembark onto dry land.
Engine: MTU 16V 2000 M93
Engine Power (each): 2435 hp
Max Speed: 45 knots
Cruise Speed: 40 knots
Range @ Cruise Speed: 310 nautical miles
LOA: 24.98 m / 81.96 ft
LH: 23.99 m / 78.71 ft
LWL: 18.55 m / 60.86 ft
Beam: 5.5 m / 18.04 ft
Draft: 1.4 m / 4.59 ft
Cabins: 4 + 2 crew
Crew Cabins: 2 std
Bathrooms: 3 + 1 crew
People on Board: 16
Fuel Capacity: 5950 lt / 1571.81 US gal
Water Capacity: 1300 lt / 1571.81 US gal
Unladen displacement: 54450 kgs
Laden displacement: 63600 kgs