Pershing 140: the new flagship is born

It was at the 2015 edition of Monaco Yacht Show that Pershing chose to present its new flagship, the Pershing 140. This superyacht is indeed a “gift” on the occasion of Pershing’s 30th anniversary, and will be the first Pershing to be built in light alloy. Debut expected in 2018.

“Last July we showed the Owners that took part in Pershing’s 30th anniversary celebrations in Palma de Majorca the first renderings of the new yacht, and their reaction was exactly like mine is every time I look at the pictures of this new amazing flagship: a shudder of excitement. What we call ‘thrill’ within the Company that only Pershing is able to give” - comments Ferretti Group’s CEO Alberto Galassi.

“The reaction of the media during the press conference we held in Monaco was the same.
This is why I can't wait for this incredible vessel to be built: I want to see it growing month after month. I am sure the Pershing 140 will be the greatest ‘thrill’ ever in Pershing's history."

The new 140-footer (LOA: 42.53 m) is the result of the cooperation between and among Ferretti Group’s Product Strategy Committee, its Engineering Department, and architect Fulvio De Simoni.

It will be the first Pershing yacht to be built at the Group’s Ancona boatyard, which specializes in the construction of steel and aluminum super and mega-yachts over 40 meters in length.

With this new flagship, the brand is indeed stepping into a new design and construction era, combining its traditional strong drive towards innovation with the heritage of 30 years spent in the forefront.

“This flagship is highly innovative, as typical of the brand’s DNA” – says architect Fulvio De Simoni, the founder of Italprojects, who has pencilled all Pershing models since 1985.

“On the other hand, we decided to make the least possible invasive changes, preserving those iconic design elements that make every single Pershing yacht truly unmistakable at first sight.

The new superyacht features an aggressive outer profile, characterized by an aluminum hull and a superstructure with few composite material inserts on the main deck. Once in the water, it will express the vessel’s powerful character to the fullest. This craft is imposing and yet not too austere, with extremely sleek lines that reflect the brand’s sporty character.

Extensive studies were carried out on the hull, partially drawing inspiration from military models, to create a hull that would guarantee performance values up to the Owners’ expectations. At the same time, in spite of this superyacht’s extremely sporty personality, maximum comfort had to be ensured onboard.

For this reason, a wide-body Owner’s suite was designed on the main deck - a solution that required raising the forward part of the hull, further increasing the vessel's powerful, majestic look.

The yacht’s profile also features several design elements that preserve the family feeling with the brand's most recent models. The most glaring example of this are to be found in the two side wings integrated in the superstructure and anchored to the gunwale at the beginning of the side decks. On the new 140-footer this stylistic feature - by now a unique element of the latest Pershing generation - effectively protects the cockpit private lounge on the sides.

The slender, contemporary-style bow too contributes in enhancing the yacht's aerodynamic profile. Moreover, a steel grid in the front part - reminding of coupé cars - further highlights that sporty, competitive character that is deeply loved by Pershing owners, the ‘drivers’ of their coupes flying on the water.

The design of the aft cockpit has been totally revisited to offer the Owner an amazing and exceptional experience of comfort and relaxation. The theatrical effect and unique layout is obtained by raising the external part of the cockpit and turning it into a mezzanine directly connected with the beach club below, the upper deck and the more internal part of the cockpit. All this creates a vast outdoor area over the sea, which rises from water level to the sundeck, interlinking the entire aft space.

Pershing 140 owners will be able to design the interiors of their superyacht with the assistance of architects and designers of Ferretti Group’s Engineering Department. Yacht’s interiors are like a tailor-made suit that may be carefully designed to reflect the style of its Owner, who will have the opportunity to supplement or alter the various layout solutions offered by the Shipyard.

On the Pershing 140 the upper deck blends perfectly into the overall profile of the yacht, with its central section containing the aerials and satellite systems, being protected by a hard top. This area is primarily a large panoramic terrace.
Moreover, Pershing 140 offers its guests another private area, protected by the waves, so that it can be comfortably used just after cruising. After climbing the steps on the side decks above the deck house, at the height of the wide-body Owner’s suite, guests can relax on the large forward sun pad, beyond which is a large lounge concealed by a platform that can be opened up when the yacht is anchored or moored up. Also the furnishings in this private area can be entirely chosen by the Owner.

The Pershing 140 currently comes in three possible engine configurations. The first two options include two MTU 4000 M93L engines, either 12V (3460 HP) or 16V (4613 HP). Hydro-jet propulsion will ensure outstanding performance in terms of both cruising and maximum speed - the latter will reach 24 knots when 12V MTU engines are installed and 33 knots if the more powerful configuration is chosen (preliminary data). A third option is the installation of four MTU M94 2600 HP engines, which ensure a maximum speed of 38 knots (preliminary datum).

As is the case of all Pershing yachts, top-of-the-range electronic and home automation systems will be installed. Similarly, in line with the tradition of a brand that never compromised the performance while ensuring maximum onboard comfort, the new 140-footer will be equipped with cutting-edge stabilization systems, allowing guests to enjoy the utmost comfort even when at anchor - at the end of a truly ‘thrilling' day, like only Pershing can give.