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Custom Line is a unique range of yachts with all the features typical of fiberglass flying bridge planing yachts over 30 metres in length, offering plenty of solutions for personalization. Custom Line was established in 1996 to meet the demand for a range of tailor-made yachts larger in size than the Ferretti Yachts range that then produced flying-bridge models between 12 and 25 metres. The idea was to make inroads into a more ambitious market and more importantly enable existing customers to remain loyal to the brand. This new range was presented with the double-F Ferretti logo coupled with the name Custom Line. The range soon included both planing and semi-displacement models capable of delivering the ultimate cruising experience for even the most demanding of owners. As of today the planing line is composed by the 97’, 108’, and the 124’, provide plenty of living and cabin space coupled with solutions designed to optimise onboard living while ensuring the owner the highest level of privacy. The semi-displacement line presents a brand new model, Navetta 28 extremely versatile and offering important innovation on board and Navetta 33 Crescendo, the flagship with wider spaces.

Ferretti has always had, as part of its DNA, a vocation for research, innovation and a perfect combination of the latter with design, to guarantee high-end space functionality and comfort on board. This is why - in 1989 - the Engineering Division, AYT&D – Advanced Yacht Technology & Design as of today, was established, a centre specialising in the design of new craft as standard and in the search for new materials, equipped with cutting-edge technologies and unique in the yachting industry, not only in Italy. The experience accrued over the years, thanks to Offshore competitions, has allowed us to transfer the results of technological research conducted for sports competition to standard production. Over the years Ferretti has introduced innovative solutions which have shaped pleasure yachting worldwide: the up-and-over window between salon and cockpit, the underwater discharge and F-tdr (Ferretti trim and drag reduction) systems. Most recently, mention should be made of the air bag for anchor chains, the hull windows, XFT technology (Cross Fibre Technology), monitoring and control systems (NaviOp and Gi8), as well as of the revolutionary ARG (Anti Rolling Gyros): this is a gyroscopic device which, using the movement of a rotor, substantially reduces rolling on yachts. Comfort on board is ensured by maximum attention paid to noise emissions: indeed Ferretti is the first shipyard to have certified its craft according to the ISO14509 standard two years before it entered into force. In 2005 Poseidon, the largest 5-axis milling machine in Europe for model building has been inaugurated. Thanks to cooperation with partner companies on technology, it has been possible to develop increasingly innovative systems: Smart Command with the Easy Dock and Auto Troll functions, which ensures maximum stability of the yacht, as a result of research work conducted together with ZF. This paved the way for Fer.WEY and Hybrid Propulsion, both systems patented by Ferrettigroup. Fer.Wey – Ferretti Wave Efficient Yacht – is a trans-planing keel which allows for extremely comfortable and energy-efficient sailing within medium-speed ranges, at the same time also reducing to a minimum both rolling and stern wake formation. This kind of keel makes the yacht extremely stable in terms of longitude, without any perceptible trim alteration as the speed changes. Hybrid Propulsion is a highly innovative system which includes five operating modes; it is the first system ever to have allowed for navigation at “Zero Emission Mode” on a yacht longer than 20 metres. More recent projects are Autotrim, an automated system to adjust surface propellers and optimise speed, fuel use and trim, and SteerCommand & JMS which replaces traditional hydraulic steering and reduces the steering diameter by half. The most recently introduced innovation is DMT Dual Mode Transom - a Ferretti Group patent which combines three fundamental functions in a single system: a floodable garage, the diving platform aft and a large Beach Area. The opening system for the stern hatch provides ample storage space for the tender which can be hauled/handled directly without using a davit, and a spacious beach area, a solution never developed before. Other recent patents are the Floodable Garage, a user-friendly way to haul the tender, and the Convertible Top which transforms an open into a convertible top in a very simple way.

The exterior lines that make Custom Line so unique are the result of the longstanding partnership between Studio Zuccon International Project and the Ferretti Group. Boat-owners can have their vessel tailor-made to their taste and style, from the selection of precious timbers to fittings and soft décor, making each vessel truly unique. Ferretti's showroom is the place where dreams can begin to take form, with a truly unique and personalized experience offered to clients who can, in consultation with Ferretti's specialized architects and designers, create step-by-step their ultimate cruising vessel.