Ferretti Logo Ferretti 1000 SKYDECK


Developing the concept for a new project is, above all, a journey. It is an experience where the only limit is your imagination, on a quest for sensations, for materials, geometries and forms – to express the essence of a style that must be utterly unique, in every aspect. We have not settled for dreaming up an ingenious concept with state-of-the-art technical solutions, increasingly inspired interiors, and living spaces of unprecedented comfort. We pushed ahead, even further, in space and time. Until we were absolutely certain that we had found the new essence of Ferretti Yachts, the quintessence of wellbeing and style.
Beauty, in its purest form, opens our eyes to new visions and new perspectives. The limit of what has been achieved blurs into the idea of what is to come. A unique experience that captures the heart and excites the eye.
Engine: MTU MTU 16V 2000 M96L
LOA: 30.13 m / 98.85 ft
LH: 23.98 m / 78.67 ft