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"We create unmistakeable open yachts, uniquely elegant and with a sporty soul. The perfect blend of power and style, for an incomparable boating experience."
Itama does not just mean making boats – it means using taste and inventiveness to give form to the idea of power and elegance which has always distinguished our products, open yachts "designed by the sea". Direct contact with the water and the pleasure of top-performance boating become one with the unmistakeable profile of our open yachts – the sleek, streamlined hull in the timeless blue and white which made Itama famous in nautical circles, and the characteristic steel-framed glass windscreen which provides complete protection for the cockpit as well as perfect balance for the boat's aerodynamic and sporty lines. Combined with this is the great liveability of all areas on the boat, interior and exterior – something which has always been the brand's strong point – and accompanied by their functionality and aesthetic impact. It is precisely this desire to harmonise the different elements – which have, over time, formed the precious identity of the brand which has made history with its continuous technological innovation – which by now has represented Itama's path for many years. It is the perfect balance between updating an advanced product and remaining faithful to a timeless design.

Spreading our passion for the sea.
Power is open.
We translate performance into pure boating pleasure. Itama today is one of the best-known brands in the segment of fibreglass open yachts, with a unique design that features its classic, high-performance hull with external control console and powerful engines allowing it to reach speeds of between 38 and 48 knots. Our open yachts provide every owner with an unforgettable experience, thanks to their extraordinary sea handling ensured by the solidity and quality of the deep V-shaped hull, allowing the power of the onboard engines to be enjoyed fully and safely. Our open yachts have a decidedly sporty temperament, ideal for those who like their time on the water to be thrilling and emotional. Our boats turn power and reliability into an aesthetic experience, thanks also to the timeless style of their decks and interiors, which pass the test of time and are appreciated long beyond other fleeting trends. The beauty of open yachting, in its most sporty expression.

Freedom has the taste of the wind and the colour of the sea; it is the pleasure of comfort and power, the expression of a sporty soul with an elegant spirit. Freedom is an open yacht.
Seaworthiness, in all its nuances, is Itama's first distinctive feature. Each boat is designed to free up the best boating experience at high speeds. They always provide optimum control, as well as maximum comfort, thanks to their great stability and their structure designed to meet functional and rational criteria. Comfort, for Itama, is the best complement to elegance. The interiors of our boats are designed to provide the pleasure of refined and practical living in all areas, right down to the smallest detail. Itama is synonymous with essential design, in the finest traditions of Made-in-Italy products. Our constant research reinvents and reinterprets, finding refined, contemporary solutions. Character and style, in perfect harmony.